About Us

Shenzhen Fandou Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading and dynamic digital marketing companies in China. It was established in Shenzhen in 2016. Fandou technology is positioned as the industry-leading first hatching of new products and empowering global brands. At the same time, focus on the precision marketing business, integrate and provide the whole network e-commerce channel traffic, new media, content marketing, fan community and other major Internet traffic resources, empower good products, help launch excellent products, open the whole network sales and detonate the market.

Fandou technology integrates brand strategic planning, e-commerce marketing, visual creativity and digital marketing into a composite service architecture to provide customers with professional, comprehensive and value-added brand communication services. We are committed to becoming an influential one-stop digital media marketing solution service provider and a leader in new intelligent digital marketing.

Business structure: new product incubation platform, including: new product launch, crowdfunding marketing, new product content grass planting, new product channel construction; Brand empowerment, including e-commerce operation, explosive product creation and content marketing; Internet media marketing overall solution, all media content marketing integration, brand planning.

The business is divided into several business groups: whole case marketing business group, visual marketing business group, e-commerce operation business group, content marketing business group, crowdfunding marketing business group, activity marketing business department and product scheme development.

Core advantages: refined operation capability, resources of major platforms, self owned traffic and content matrix.

Brand design, space design, album design, packaging design, illustration design, interface design, tmall design, Taobao design, logo design

Our professional services include:

Logo design: Shenzhen logo design, trademark design, Shenzhen logo design, enterprise logo design, Shenzhen product trademark design, brand logo design, Shenzhen logo optimization design, logo optimization design, Shenzhen food logo design, trademark optimization design, Shenzhen brand logo design, clothing logo design, Shenzhen digital logo design, electronic technology company logo design;

Brand design: Shenzhen VI design, logo design company, Shenzhen corporate image design, brand image design, Shenzhen brand transformation design, brand optimization design, clothing VI design, Shenzhen Electronic VI design, electronic brand VI design, brand image design;

Space design: commercial space design, Shenzhen exhibition design, exhibition space design, Shenzhen brand store design, brand chain store design, Shenzhen brand space design, brand store design, Shenzhen exhibition hall design, exhibition cabinet design, Shenzhen exhibition design, exhibition design;

Album design: Shenzhen Product album design, album design, brochure design, Shenzhen catalog design, product catalog design, Shenzhen enterprise album design, electronic product album design;

Packaging design: Shenzhen commercial packaging design, product packaging design, Shenzhen gift box packaging design, packaging design, Shenzhen herbal tea packaging design, electronic product packaging design, Shenzhen automotive supplies packaging design, food packaging design, Shenzhen professional packaging design;

Illustration design: commercial illustration design, Shenzhen brand illustration design, cartoon image design, Shenzhen illustration design, enterprise mascot design, Shenzhen brand cartoon image design, brand mascot design, Shenzhen hand-painted design;

Interface design: interface design, Shenzhen UI design, iPhone interface design, Shenzhen app interface design, mobile phone UI design, Shenzhen iPad interface design, software interface design, Shenzhen interaction design, website UI design, Shenzhen website interface design, player interface design;

Tmall design: Shenzhen tmall project planning, tmall project operation, tmall photography, Shenzhen tmall annual package service, Shenzhen tmall annual package design, tmall monthly package design, Shenzhen tmall product introduction design, Shenzhen tmall advertising design, tmall poster design, and Shenzhen tmall video shooting;

Taobao design: Taobao project planning, Shenzhen Taobao project operation, Taobao photography, Shenzhen Taobao annual package service, Taobao annual package design, Shenzhen Taobao monthly package design, Taobao product introduction design, Shenzhen Taobao advertising design, Taobao poster design, Shenzhen Taobao video shooting;